Hyundai Sonata: Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Components and Components Location - Parking Brake System - Brake SystemHyundai Sonata: Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Components and Components Location


1. VDC control module
2. EPB switch
3. Brake caliper
4. EPB warning lamp
5. AUTO HOLD lamp

    Parking Brake Assembly Repair procedures
    Removal Parking Brake Pedal [Foot type] 1. Remove the crash pad lower panel. (Refer toBody - "Crash Pad") 2. Remove the junction box. (Refer to Body Electrical System - "Fuses and Relays") ...

    Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Description and Operation
    Description The EPB is an electronic parking brake. The EPB is different from existing parking systems which operated with the brake pedal or the lever type. The EPB system sends the signal t ...

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