Hyundai Sonata: Components and Components Location - Windshield Glass - Body (Interior and Exterior)Hyundai Sonata: Components and Components Location


1. Windshield glass
2. Windshield moulding mounting bracket
3. Windshield glass side moulding
4. Windshield glass upper moulding

    Repair procedures
    Removal     • Put on gloves to protect your hands.     • Use seat covers to avoid damaging any surfaces. 1. Remove the roof side molding. ...

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    Delivery Pipe. Repair procedures
    Removal In case of removing the high pressure fuel pump, high pressure fuel pipe, delivery pipe, and injector, there may be in ...

    Inside rearview mirror
    Adjust the rearview mirror so that the center view through the rear window is seen. Make this adjustment before you start driving. WARNING - Rear visibility Do not place objects in the rear seat o ...

    Room Lamp Repair procedures
    Removal Room Lamp (Non-Panorama Sunroof) 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Using a screwdriver or remover, Separate the room lamp lens (A) from the room lamp.   & ...