Hyundai Sonata: Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Schematic Diagrams - Parking Brake System - Brake SystemHyundai Sonata: Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Schematic Diagrams

Schematic Diagram

Terminal function
Pin NO
Pin NO
EPB signal 1
RR EPB motor power
EPB signal 2
RR EPB motor ground
EPB signal 3
RL EPB motor power
EPB signal 4
RL EPB motor ground

    Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Description and Operation
    Description The EPB is an electronic parking brake. The EPB is different from existing parking systems which operated with the brake pedal or the lever type. The EPB system sends the signal t ...

    Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Repair procedures
    EPB Release 1. Turn ignition switch OFF and disconnect the negative (-) battery cable. 2. Connect the GDS to the data link connector located underneath the dash panel. 3. Select and operat ...

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