Hyundai Sonata: Clutch Cover And Disc. Repair procedures - Clutch System - Clutch SystemHyundai Sonata: Clutch Cover And Disc. Repair procedures


Remove the transaxle assembly. (Refer to "Manual transaxle system" in MT group)
Remove the clutch cover bolts. Not to be bent or twisted, loosen them in diagonal directions.


If reinstalling used cover, the cover should be installed with its clutch disc as a set.
Replace a clutch cover and disc as a set.
When replacing only a disc, slip problem can occur because of the initial clamp load loss by the adjusting ring's unusual work.
When replacing only a disc, it can be difficult to cut power because the thickness of the disc cannot be permitted.
Apply grease on a disc spline part and transmission input shaft spline part as required.
* Possible problems when not following
When not applying: Excessively wear of splines and bad clutch operation.
When excessively applying: Scattered grease by centrifugal force conteminates the clutch disc. Loss of friction force can cause a slip.

The 'T/M SIDE' marked surface should face the transmission.
* Possible problems when the disc is installed in the opposite direction.
There can be an interference between the concentric slave cylinder on the TM side and a engine flywheel surface.
It can be occured transaxle shift errror or strange sound due to clutch seperation error.
It can be occured the concentric slave cylinder broken. In this case, the concentric slave cylinder should be replaced new one.

Install the clutch disc and the cover with SST (A).

Install the clutch cover bolts. Gradually tighten the bolts according to the order specified in the illustration until the specified torque is reached.

Tightening torque :
24.5~35.3N.m (2.5~3.6kgf.m, 18.1~26.0lb-ft)

Do not tighten a bolt once perfectly. If tightening a bolt once perfectly, it can be occured twisting or vibration of the cover and the lift error of the pressure plate.
Install the component with the specified torques. If not, it can be occured clutch torque transmission error or mounting bolt loosening.

Install the transaxle assembly.( Refer to "Manual transaxle system" in MT group.)
Perform the bleeding air procedure in the concentric slave cylinder. (Refer to Repair procedure in this group.)

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